No supermen

We’re all human. I’m fairly sure of that. Notwithstanding the ultra-low-likelihood Ike-esque scenario whereby Earth has suffered a stealth invasion by shape-shifting, super intelligent extra terrestrials, I’m fairly certain we’re all human.

And being human means we share the same palette of strengths and frailties. When it comes to those frailties, no matter our personal qualities, education, family history, skills and experience, none of us – not one – is immune.

There are no supermen.

Tim Loughton MP seems to have missed the memo.

He reckons it’s OK for HRH Prince Charles to have direct, personal access to national decision-makers for discussions on subjects (such as planning and the environment) he has a keen interest in. The detail of these discussions remain secret.

Mr Loughton sees nothing wrong with this, largely on the basis that, in his opinion, the Prince is well-intentioned and his role is passive. He is not ‘lobbying’, dear me, no. Not a whiff of the ‘L’ word.

In short, trust us. We’re the Great and the Good. No need for ‘transparency’. We’ll behave. You can count on that.

And yet – to restate – there are no supermen.

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