Nigel’s Face

What’s wrong with Nigel Farage’s face?

If I was writing a tabloid column I might claim this to be the question that ‘everyone’s asking’. But I’m not, so I won’t.

Nevertheless, it seems that every time I see a picture of Mr Farage’s fizog it seems strangely – how shall I put this? – warped. It’s as if he’s decided to win votes by gurning. Or perhaps Boris Johnson has convinced him that politics is really just a face-pulling contest.

Here’s an example, freely available on the Earth-stradling Internet:


Here’s some more…

Huffington Post


Let’s be kind and describe these as ‘image malfunctions’. How can one person have so many? I am compelled to put forward the following possibilities.

1. This is Nigel’s face

It is possible that nature has given Nigel a very silly face. No matter the time of day or the photographer’s angle of attack, Nigel always looks like he’s on his way to a casting session for The Bash Street Kids. That, or dealing with the after effects of a particularly nasty enchilada.

Bash Street Kids

2. Nigel likes pulling silly faces

Maybe this is Nigel’s way of making people like him, in the same way that some kids play the class clown to get a laugh and avoid ritualised playground thumpings.

3. Picture Editors choose the most unflattering pictures available to reinforce the notion that UKIP is a joke party and Nigel is a political clown.

Perhaps Nigel – like any of us – sometimes looks a bit daft in pictures and those pictures are filtered to make him look stupid.

Looking daft in pictures is something that we all know about. I’m usually caught with my eyes shut or looking like an axe murderer. Even the most glamorous Hollywood A-listers can sometimes look like a reject from a 6 year old’s Plant versus Zombies drawing. What chance have the rest of us got?

Are the nation’s Picture Editors having a laugh at Nigel? Do they think he’s a bit of a wally and filter the pictures to support that view? If so, I think they should stop. Nigel’s party is trading in narrow-minded, right-wing piffle. Unfortunately, it’s the sort of piffle that can flare into something much more serious.