Mean City

Edinburgh, Scotland. It’s a nice town, for the most part. Often a bit windy and slightly damp. Great history and an elegant ‘New Town’ area that’s beautiful when the sun shines. It’s a big art town, with major festivals, numerous museums, lovely botanical gardens and a lively cafe culture. In short, a nice place to live.

And this point was underlined the other week by the headline in the local rag, The Edinburgh Evening News: squirrels have caused some £13k of damage to a local bowling club.

Read that again and tell me you don’t want to live in a city where squirrels make the front page. Not giant, radioactively-mutated squirrels with laser eyes and a taste for human flesh, of course, but regular, run-of-the-mill squirrels. That’s the town for me.

What’s next? A gang of radicalised moles undermining the new tram system? One can only hope.

There are some tough places to live in the world. I’m pleased to say this ain’t it.