Just watching Netherlands versus Mexico in the last 16 stage of the World Cup. The strips make it look like Easy Jet versus Aer Lingus but, that aside, it’s exciting stuff.

I’m not much of a football bloke. Up here it’s usually called ‘fitba’ and, as a Scotsman, unless you parlez-fitba you’re excluded from precisely 67.8% of all social intercourse.

Nevermind. It’s the World Cup and that’s different. Everything goes a bit hatstand when the World Cup’s on. There’s a story going around that the Unionist ‘No to independence’ campaign has England winning the tournament on their risk register as a likely cause of a huge swing towards voting ‘Yes’ come September.

True? Don’t know. But if so, there were probably some very mixed feelings after the England-Costa Rica game. Ah well, that’s fitba.

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